TCG Johnson Valley “Mystery Trail” April 2013

Johnson Valley “Mystery Trail” April 2013

Springtime in the Johnson Valley OHV area is always unpredictable – rain, wind, sun…. but one thing that is always predictable is how much fun we have taking on this challenging trail!

Tri County Gear’s owner, Jason Bunch, gathered a seasoned group of VIP customers to spend a weekend running the super secret, “if we tell you the name, we will have to kill you” trail. We refer to it as the “mystery trail” or “MT” because it’s considered one of the toughest the JV HOV has to offer. The MT is actually a trail designed for high dollar buggies, but the always confident Jason knew that with a solid rig and a little finesse, his protégés and their Tri-County built Jeep rigs could handle it.

Johnson Valley April 2013 (1)

The crew arrived Friday night for socializing and strategizing before Saturday’s run. In the morning, the 15 rigs pulled out of camp and headed to the trail head, with Jason in the lead dog position. What would normally be a ‘day run’ turned into a day-turns-to-night run – lunch on the trail, provided by birthday boy David Ospina, doubled as dinner (which didn’t even get served until 4PM due to all the carnage that was occurring along the way). David broke both a driveshaft and an axle, receiving the distinction of being the only one brought back on a rope. Jason broke an axle and a hub; Brent Holst broke a shock mount; Dale Thompson broke steering parts; and there were more than a few flats. Yes, it really is THAT tough! Don’t worry, everyone made it back to camp, safe, sound and mostly repaired from trail fixes. At 2AM, a carne asada feast was on the menu as a reward from a long, but exciting day on the MT.

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The level of difficulty truly equalled the level of fun on this rigorous trail. A sense of accomplishment was felt by all who came.

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If you would like to run the Mystery Trail with the Tri County Gear gang, just hit us up on our Facebook or at Jason will assess your vehicle to make sure it is trail ready!

For more pictures from this trip, follow this link to our Johnson Valley 2013 gallery.

** Please note: MT is a trail that we do not want to announce to the general public, for fear it will become too populated and compromise the trail.