PSC 72-79 Jeep CJ Cylinder Assist Modified Steering Gear Part# PSC-SG762SR

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PSC 72-79 Jeep CJ Cylinder Assist Modified Steering Gear Part# PSC-SG762SR

Product Description

Modified for?_Cylinder Assist Steering 13-16:1 variable ratio 13/16x 36 input shaft standard 2.750 piston diameter sae/inverted flare ports PSC steering gears are built to be as tough as any steering gear on the market. Our experience has led to developing a line of steering gears that are built with a combination of time proven components that work off-road.?_ Cases get full machine shop attention. They are honed, trued and sleeved if required. O.E. spool valves are completely dis-assembled, inspected, modified with proper T-bar, reassembled and tested for proper flow balance. All reconditioned components are inspected for wear, and are magna fluxed to find cracks that are not normally visible. All steering gears modified for cylinder assist applications are built to flow fluid throughout the circuits as efficiently as possible. There is actually a science to getting a cylinder assist system to work at its optimum performance. When it comes to cylinder assist steering gears, PSC builds one of the best you will find. You must achieve a balance, and there?s no replacement for over 20 years experience. PSC offers standard remanufactured steering gears in some applications, these gears are stock appearing. Extreme Duty gears feature billet aluminum end caps and covers.

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