Advance Adapters AX-15 Transmission Part# AA-26-AX15

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New AX15 Transmission

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Advance Adapters AX-15 Transmission  Part# AA-26-AX15

Product Description

The AX15 transmission has always been a great transmission able to handle the torque and horsepower of most V8s. The biggest problem now is the availability of new units. With the lack of availability of new NV3550s, we revisited the possibly of obtaining the Asian Warner AX15 transmission and were successful. Although the torque specifications are not listed on this transmission in any service manual, we feel itG_4s similar enough to the NV3550. The NV3550 was the transmission that superseded the AX15; and Jeep used the same engine with the same vehicle ratings. With the availability of AX15 transmissions, we can now offer some additional transmission retrofit applications. NOTE: These AX15 transmission feature a 13 degree tailhousing rotation and are exact replacement transmissions for 1997-2000 Jeep TJ Wranglers. If installing this AX15 into Jeep Cherokee, the tailhousing rotation will be wrong. Cherokees transmission have a 23 degree rotation tailhousing. The rotation difference will lead to install issues witht the Cherokee NP231 transfer case shifter. AX15 Direct Replacement: The AX15 was use between 1988 to 1999 in the Jeep vehicles. Since these Jeeps are getting up in mileage, a new AX15 makes sense as a direct retrofit. Available in both an internal and external release bearing design. AX15 retrofitting the AX5: This is a newer kit for all 4 cylinder Jeeps 1987 to 2002. The AX5 is considered a light duty transmission compared to the AX15. Jeeps equipped with larger tires and lower gears in the axle & transfer case may find the weak link in the drivetrain is the stock transmission. You can now install the AX15 in place of the AX5 to gain some drivetrain strength. The nice thing is that when youG_re ready to replace the 4 cylinder with a larger V6 or V8, the AX15 is an ideal transmission for the power increase. See kits 712563, & 712564, this transmission swap will also require a new transfer case input gear with 23 splines. Peugeot 5 speed Replacement: The AX15 is the exact same length. The kits we offer include a new input gear for either the New Process 231 or 207 transfer case. Due to vehicle variances, some applications may require transfer case linkage modifications. Kits include a new bellhousing, transfer case shifter linkage, a crossmember adapter mount to retain the stock Peugeot rubber mount, slave cylinder kit, and an input gear for your transfer case. See kit 27-3507AA and kit 27-3510AA

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