TCG Testimonials


Jason Bunch is one of the finest innovators in the off road industry. I have known him in a professional and personal capacity for over 20 years and can always count on him for the highest standards in driving technique, technical innovation, mechanical reliability and personal honesty. As he has through the years, Jason has continued to be an expert and ‘hands on’ technical consultant to 4 Wheel & Off Road magazine with numerous published  projects.

It is my honor to recommend him and Tri County Gear without hesitation to whomever I come into contact with.

Rick Pewe
Editor, 4 Wheel & Off Road magazine

I’ve known Jason Bunch for many years, back when I had a real job and wore a suit, tie and walked in wing tip shoes. Back when the “Fast Camel Run” was put on one month earlier than TDS. And when the Los Coyote Indian Reservation and Coyote Canyon were open to motorized travel. At that time, I believe Jason was working at a Super Market and setting up gears for small 4×4 shops at night. In fact that reminds me of the first time our paths crossed. I had stopped by a small shop in Bellflower (? on the city) to get a price for a custom built rack to hold an ATC and two sand tires on the back of my CJ-6. Looked a little weird but worked for me. In the beginning of my Jeep’ in, I would disconnect the Jeep and have the wife drive either the 4WD truck and camper or the Jeep so we could setup camp a little further away from the crowds. While explaining to the shop owner what I wanted built, I noticed this guy, Jason, slide into the shop, inspect the third member requiring a new ring and pinion, he told the shop mechanic that it wasn’t clean enough to install new gears–clean it again! He then came into the office and waited for the mechanic to cleaned the housing again. I thought to myself, who ever this guy was–he wasn’t going to waste his time on repairing a vehicle that may be back in the shop for the same problem. I liked that.

Another time our paths crossed was during the TDS event. This was back when a few of us were experimenting with installing a shortened Dana 44 with a Detroit Locker in the front of our Jeeps. This would make our Jeeps locked up at both ends. Of course now you can order a new Jeep with a Lockers in both differentials. But at the time, Jason custom built his own Dana 44 front and I order mine from Midwest Off Road. We both had a little secret to make our Jeeps perform better. At TDS, I saw this guy shortcut the route and climb a steep hill which would require lockers and horsepower. After I climbed the hill behind Jason, we chatted at the top and compared notes. We both had what it took, but rarely talked about it to others—our little secret. Of course that didn’t last long and we’ve moved on to Dana 60′s.

A customized vehicle, whether it’s a Jeep, truck or car is complex and requires an experienced shop that is both innovative and careful. Jason is both or all three depending on how you read the sentence.

Rick Russell
Sidekick Off Road, Chino CA
Office: 877.628.7227     Fax:    760.961.9477

When someone says the name Jason Bunch, the first thoughts that come to mind are “Brand Builder”, “Outside the Box Thinker”, and “Professional Competitor”.  I’m starting off with that as when it comes to the world of business, those traits are far and few between, especially when you are trying to find them combined together in one person.  Jason took a small “corner store” offroad shop and made it a nationally known brand in an industry dominated by corporate offroad parts warehouses. Because of his competitive nature, he has always pushed the limits in the design of new vehicle parts and driving techniques. Finally, the world of competitive driving is an adrenaline and ego filled arena full of gladiators fighting for survival.  If they are not the creme of the crop, they will fall out of the rankings and fade away quickly.  With Jason’s keen understanding of how and why certain parts, vehicles, and techniques can be combined, he was able to put together a team that not only sat on the winner’s podium time and time again, but also reigned supreme when it came to longevity and making the most of that time for his business and personal life.  His aggressive (but ethical) approach was perfect in the world of competition and the traits that make him a stand-out there, make him a stand-out in anything he approaches.   If you know the world of offroad, Jason Bunch’s signature is all over it…I suspect it will be the same with any endeavor he ventures into!

Dustin Webster
Red Bull Pro Athlete



Jason Bunch has always been happy to answer all my questions on my Blazer. He especially gave me great advice on axle choices and application for my off road needs.  Jason has also introduced my son and me to numerous new trails that are fun and exciting. Our experience at Tri County Gear has been a pleasant and productive one!

Joe C., La Habra, Ca


My wife, Sue and I took our ’05 Rubicon into Tri County Gear a week after purchase and we have been going there ever since!  Jason and his staff are the best…I have never had to bring my Jeep back to have the work re-done. Due to their off road event program, other customers have also become good friends. Jason’s wife, Terri’s weekend customer off road excursions are second to none! Read any off road magazine and the tech articles frequently reference Jason and Tri County as one of their main sources.

My wife and I wholeheartedly recommend Tri County Gear to anyone looking for a first rate shop for their off road vehicle!

John K., La Verne, Ca



I have been an off road enthusiast all my life and met Jason Bunch when looking for assistance building my first Jeep Wrangler. Jason and the crew at Tri County Gear advised me on how to build my Jeep right the first time and continue sharing vital information on maintenance, repairs and upgrades. I highly recommend them for all your off road needs. That said, if you become a customer of Tri County, be sure to ask Terri to include you on their customer event list. You won’t regret it!

Nick M., Fontana, Ca.